Our expertises

Our approach is down-to-earth and focused on understanding the unique needs of business clients while harnessing the talent of our young employees. This enables Stolk Greenworxs to provide effective and innovative green solutions that not only meet the needs of our clients but also contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of our local communities.

Landscape creating

We’re eager to get our hands dirty when it comes to green landscaping! We excel in creating awesome green spaces, from cozy gardens to green business areas. Our team ensures that everything not only looks good but thrives too. Whether you’re after a chill spot in the backyard or some green vibes at the office, we’ve got it covered!”


Once the green beauty is in place, you can rely on us for maintenance with the same dedication. Whether on an hourly basis or through an annual contract, we ensure that your green oasis continues to flourish. We are ready to keep everything beautiful and healthy, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty around you without a worry. Let us nurture your greenery, all year round!

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