Creative solutions

#born to design

Do you have construction or renovation plans for your existing or future home, garden, or business building? Let's schedule a brainstorming session together! Who knows what beautiful ideas may come out of it!

Over mij

Hi! I'm Sylvester Stolk

Stolk Design is a drafting agency that elaborates and capturing initial ideas on a small scale. I am 18 years old, civil engineering student at Hogeschool Rotterdam and since 2020 operational manager at Stolk Design. I am very interested in architecture, construction, and entrepreneurship. After completing my studies, I would like to further develop myself in the architecture industry to ultimately establish Stolk Architects.

Fundamental principles

During the initial phases of the process, I provide you with clear and transparent advice. This ensures that the design is personal and aligns perfectly with your preferences. If you desire a fresh perspective on an existing design, we can discuss the possibilities.

The ideas and wishes of the client are translated into a comprehensive and coherent preliminary design. Sustainable and future-oriented construction and development are high priorities for me. My work is organized in a way that allows it to be taken over by a subsequent technical party.

I accompany you from the initial stages, offering my support and expertise throughout the entire project journey. If desired, my enthusiasm extends to actively participating in the ongoing development phases. Additionally, I can represent and support you in conversations and presentions.

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